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  1. hi risto, i have couple of questions regarding instagram

    1. i noticed my engagement rate is going down if i try to post more than 1 pic a day. Earlier i was just posting 1 picture a day at around 11 PM or 12 AM US timezone and it got me a lot of likes and sometimes a lot of comments too. now i try to cover different timezones and each picture is getting about 25-30% less engagement compared to earlier. do you think i need to go back to earlier strategy just so i can get averagely more likes each picture? i always thought posting more than one picture a day would increase my stats but I think i was wrong. also, by posting more than 1 picture, i dont see any difference in increasing my followers

    2. in this article you mentioned about the right hashtags…what’s the right hashtag according to your opinion? I always put the most popular hashtags in my niche but apparently “trying to get noticed in a sea of popular hashtags” is very hard. I had spontaneous idea that i should maximize my photo in less-popular hashtags so i could easily get noticed when people search for those hashtags (im talking about hashtags with x,xxx posts or xx,xxx posts), do you think it’s a good idea?

    3. i remember in FollowLiker setting post earlier you mentioned you do not follow and unfollow at the same time. how many days do you continously follow before you start unfollowing? and when you unfollow, do you unfollow for few days continuously before you start following new users again? thanks.

    1. Hi Braddy,

      1. The more you post, the less engagement you get on your pictures, but the overall will be bigger. I personally am not a fan of posting a lot of photos, so I keep myself to 1-3 photos a day for now.
      2. It’s not always the most popular hashtags that are the best ones. They’re often spammed and filled with bots. Try to research the actual hashtags for some time, see what kind of photos they get and so on.
      3. I follow until I reach the maximum limit of 7,500 followings and then I start unfollowing back to 0. There’s a delay of a few hours (~24) when I switch the tasks.

      Best regards,

  2. Hello Risto,

    First wanted to say thank you for all your IG info. I’ve used The Ultimate FollowLiker Instagram Tutorial to understand and setup FL. It was the most helpful and thorough guide I found online and I refer to it often.


    I manage 7 personal accounts all in the same niche using FL for approximately 4 months. Each account has identical settings which are Follow/Unfollow 500 – 600, 40 to 60 sec intervals and Like 1800 – 2200, 10 – 20 sec delay. No commenting. The automation interval is 10 – 15 seconds and Enable Continuous Activity is enabled. I DO NOT vary the settings (thinking of trying this but not sure exactly how to correctly) and the bot is set to run for 24 hours a day.

    Six of the accounts gain between 80 and 240 followers a day. One account for some odd reason gains between -2 (it actually loses) and 90 a day. (I contacted FL support for this and they said they had no idea why this account was underperforming.) I post high quality photos on each account but over the past month and a half I’ve noticed for a huge drop off in engagement on all seven accounts which range from 4k to 11k followers.

    Originally I had 4 accounts on my IP and three on a shared IG Proxy but recently switched each to their own IG proxy hoping that might be the issue. It has not helped. I’ve been searching the different forums and see a lot of people have this same issue but no one has any type of solution. By chance have you run across this and if so do you have any suggestions on what should I do? Thank you in advance for all your help.



    1. Hi NickJ,

      Glad to know that my guide has helped you 🙂

      As for engagement on Instagram, it can be weird sometimes. That’s for sure. I had a problem in the past with engagement as well, but not that it dropped off, but rather stayed in the same place. I managed to fix it by laser targeting the people I follow/like. I did a lot of research and what not to find sources from where I can scrape people who are really interested in what I’m sharing and would engage with it. That way, my engagement started going up again.

      I don’t think it has to do anything with your settings to be honest. If there is anything, I would say maybe you’ve been flagged and should pause for a few days and see if that helps. Proxies or IP addresses might be an issue, but in your case it’s not.

      Best regards,

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