Instagram Mentoring

Instagram is one of the biggest social networks which holds the highest engagement rate currently among all other social networks.

I’m offering one-on-one mentoring service for Instagram that will teach you the basics of Instagram and botting. I’ll explain everything there is need to know about Instagram and botting. If you’re a small business or personality and getting started into Instagram, this could be useful to you.

Some of the topics that are included in my mentoring service:

  • Account creation
  • Account management (scheduling)
  • Improving your engagement
  • Growing an account with bot
  • How to use bots safely
  • How to set up bots
  • Usage of proxies, servers (VPS, Dedicated), SIM cards
  • Hints of how you can monetize

Some things that are NOT included with my mentoring service:

  • No bots/services are included in my service, you will have to purchase them by yourself additionally.
  • I will not explain about monetization in-depth. I will only mention how some people make money on Instagram, but it’s up to you how are you going to monetize your accounts.

Price: $300 – including 1 month support (via email and Skype)

If you’re interested, drop me a message via the contact form for more information.