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For the past few months I’ve been managing several Instagram accounts and scheduling my posts with a service called igerslike. They only accept images in 640×640 size (Instagram size) and I couldn’t find any resizer that works properly for Instagram, so I decided to create my own.

This resizer can resize multiple images at once and keep the aspect ratio of the picture, by adding white space on the empty space to keep the same size.

This is the first version I’m releasing, so far it’s been working fine for me, but if you find any kind of bugs, feel free to report them and I’ll try to fix it.


Instagram Picture Resizer




1.0 (08.08.2015)
– Initial release

1.1 (10.08.2015)
– Fixed the output format to be JPEG (rather than BMP before)
– Fixed the size of output images (used to be large, now it’s very small)
– Added icon to the file

1.2 (24.09.2015)
– Added PNG image format support

6 thoughts on “Instagram Bulk Pictures Resizer

  1. Risto, I and one of my friend bought the followliker instagram however we can’t understand some settiings. Could you please tell us that how to set followliker instagram to share photos in every hour?

  2. Hey Risto,

    something’s wrong with the resizer. It keeps adding a I believe 1px white line at the top on every picture instead of resizing the picture to 640 height and adding white space on the left 🙁

    1. Hi,

      It depends on the resolution of your picture. Let’s say you have a 250×200 picture, it will add a white line at the top and bottom of the picture, because of the specific size of the image. Same goes for 200×250, it will add a white line on the left and right side of the picture. The idea of this tool was to re-size the picture to 640×640 (which used to be the highest Instagram resolution, now it is higher I believe) and keep the same quality of the picture.

      Best regards,

      1. Thank you for your answer, but I noticed the quality of the picture itself to go down drastically. Is this only happening for me? The image size itself becomes very low and the quality of the resized picture isn’t the best.

        I still can’t understand that white 1px line at the top ’cause if I do it manually on photoshop e.g. and resize first the picture to 640px height, then create a new project with 640x640px and add the picture into it, it’ll perfectly fit in without any lines.

        Your tool is genius, don’t get me wrong, Just trying to make it even more perfect! I didn’t saw any similar tool either so it’s awesome having such a resizer as it becomes handy the more accounts or posts you manage.

        many users ain’t uploading at 640x640px anymore, even on instagram, that’s why this tool becomes even more handy than ever before.

        1. Hi,

          I’m sorry about that, I don’t really notice any quality loss in my pictures. If the pictures you’re resizing are quite big, that might be the cause I think.

          As for the 1px line, that’s really weird, I’ll see what I can do in the next versions of the tool.

          Best regards,

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